Mittwoch, 14. Oktober 2015

Hasardeur - Freebooters Fate Goblin Crew Part 11


at the moment it is quiet here at the Howling Wolves Saloon. Don´t know when this time of silence ends but be asured that it doesn´t mean that there is nothing going on on my painting table. After my private practice course I had a lack of painting drive for a few weeks (which had nothing to do with the course  itself; more with the chaos and input in my head I had to get sorted). Then I started the Sha´un Ram Tribe Warrior Project which was a great piece to paint and which also swallowed the whole painting time from nearly 6 weeks (I´m not able to paint everyday... so, it´s still a hobby) and afterwards I needed some smaller things as relaxation and again som off-time from the painting table. Work and private stuff took it´s toll and my head was more in the "let´s watch some TV series" - mode than in the "sit down and paint" mode. By the way Ripper Street is really recommendable....

Nevertheless I used the time to clean up my work space, reorganise some stuff and made the decision to sell a good bunch of my old lord of the rings miniatures collection as, if I´m totally honest to myselft, will never ever be able to paint all that stuff. Additionally my painting skills evolved and most of these models don´t appeal to me any more. To clumsy, to rough... maybe you know what I mean. On top I earned some fresh money to put it back into great models I had in view for quite some time now. So, maybe I should make a series of short reviews here to get on the one hand some more content to this page and to give on the other hand some hint to the one or the other who is interested in nice display quality miniatures. Busts are very highly esteemed by me at the moment.... and pirates are always welcome.... we will see what I can manage to do.

But besides of all this text and whining from my side I would like to show some things to you. The hobby was not clompletly dead and during the last two weeks I was able to spent more time with painting. At the moment Freebooter Miniatures ignited my desire to paint some of their beautys. In January there is the second version of the official tournament and maybe I´m able to take part. So, my forces have to be reinforced, my goblin crew is hungry to get new crew members and on top I promised to paint a Armada crew for a friend of mine and I just finished two deckhands yet. I think it is about time to start painting....

Let´s start with a goblin deckhand. One can never have enough deckhands.

Hope you like it. Stay tuned for more. Can´t promise anything as there is to much going on at the moment but I´m confident....

All the best

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