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Sha´un - Ram Tribe Warrior - Project Diary part 2

Hi all, 

welcome to the second part of my project diary on how to paint the Sha´un Ram Tribe Warrior. You can find the first part here.

Day 7 (July 13th) -  Starting the armor

This step I was really reluctant to start with as I´m not a hero when it comes to painting metal parts. But nobody gets better by shying away from a task... with time and patient I will go my way. I´m quite sure....

So let´s start with the armor. I decided to use the airbrush for the first layers. Therefore I covered all non armor parts with masking putty from pk-pro. A really cool stuff I just can recommend. 

Masking putty on all the non-armor parts to avoid an overspray

As I´m aiming for a cold atmosphere I decided to do the first layer with Scale75 blue alchemy. 

I ended up with this. It´s very shiny now and lacks contrast but I have a nice first layer covering the whole armor. Let´s start with increasing the contrast by applying black washes. 

I did this several times to darken all the areas. In the first picture you can also see that I added some speed metal to the mix to lighten up some areas hit by the light. I was not satisfied at this point as my eyes were´t able to catch the armor.... Can´t explain it....

I decided to add some hull red (with some cyan mixed into it) washes to the armor. I also added pure white to my highlight mix. And I was quite satisfied with the results.

Here you can see the difference between the armor parts. The shoulder part is treated with some hull red washes whereas the neck parts aren´t at this point. 

Day 7,8 and 9 (July 13th, 14th, 15th) -  Finishing the armor (at least for the moment...)

Nothing special to tell about this step. I repeated the painting process on the armor for all the other metal parts. It was hard work and at some point you reach a feeling I think every painter knows from bigger projects: You think it will never end and you make no progress at all. This feeling is for sure not true and it is just one of many obstacles one has to conquer during a project. At the end it pays off and leaving this step behind I feel good and think that I mastered a good part of this bust. I will come back to the armor in the end to do some adjustments but for the time it is fine for me.

Not the best picture but on the shoulder part one can see the preliminary finished armor

Day 10 (July 19th) -  Working on the fur and applying base colours to the leather areas

After finishing the armor I decided to go back to the fur to increase the contrast at some areas. Therefore I used some grey´s and black´s (I still mix my atmosphere colour into it) and reworked some areas, especially in the lower part of the bust. At the end I used some off-white and white to set the light points. At this point I also decided to paint all the details black that are messed up with some kind of colours from the previous steps. Cleaning work. After doing so I applied a brown (blue mixed in) base colour to all the leather parts.

Day 11 (July 26th) -  leather parts and detail work

It was time to start working on all the details (horns on the armor and necklace) and the straps and belts. I want this parts to be a bit old and worn out. I started off with some basic shading. I used the army painter washes (soft, strong and dark tone) to give some depth to the parts. I had a look on some pictures of used and weathered leather parts previously and tried to imitate them. The washes I applied at the parts were I imagined my shadows. Afterwards I mixed some beige into my base colour (a dark brown with some blue in it) to lighten up the areas were the light hits all the parts. I did not went into the top of the contrast range here as this is just the preparation for the next step.

I tried something new (for me new). I applied several small dots to the leather belt to get a texture into my painting which maybe stands out at the end. At least this was the goal. It went quite well, maybe not perfect but for the first try it is also not bad. I repeated this step a dozens of times to achieve a look I was satisfied with. I always did small dots. Small dots with a bright colour were the lights sit and small dots with darker colours were the shadows are. At the end I tied everything together with some gentle washs of a middle tone. 

At the edges of the straps and belts I applied a nearly white colour. Also in very small dots. 

I also painted the necklace (in a red brown) and all the metal parts of the straps and belts. 

It was time to care about the horns on the shoulder plate as I was keen to glue it into place to complete the overall puzzle. I used some dark browns and beiges and white to give colour to it. Nothing special here. Some blending, some shading, some redefining... Everything with my light situation in mind. Ah.. and don´t forget to add the blue/cyan-blue...

The puzzle starts to come together...

Day 12 (July 28th) -  giving back the atmosphere

During all the painting I lost a bit of my cold atmosphere or at least I decided that it could be more intense. Therefore I covered the skin parts with masking putty and applied some heavyly watered down washs with cyan blue to the overall bust. I used the airbrush to do so.

I was quite flabbergasted afterward as the bust had some glossy shine on it although I just used a matte cyan blue and the airbrush thinner I always use.... Ok, no reason to panic.... I used some matt medium from vallejo to get rid of this glossyness (sorry no pictures of this step). Ok, back on track. I could intense my atmosphere look but lost some of my highlights. I started to bring them back with some bright colours.

I´m afraid it is hard to see the differences on all the work in progress pictures I did. Some of the changes are very slight and without a proper illumination and a descent camera nearly impossible to capture. But the changes are there and one can see all the details in the final pictures.

At this point I also added some rust effects. This step was easy. I just used the rust effect from model mates and applied it very carefully. At some areas I did 4-5 layers until I got the result I was satisfied with. But better do it slowly than to quick...

Day 13, 14 (July 31th, August 12th) - going into detail and finishing touches

It is time to do the finishing touches. Finally I feel that I´m on the home stretch, still some work to do but it all comes together now. To keep everything in mind what I want to change and rework I decided to make a list. This is something I can really recommend. Make yourself a nice cup of coffee (or tea or whatever you prefer), sit back, grap your working piece and have an intense look on it. Write down everything you want to improve and every failure you recognise and you want to correct. I ended up with this:

No sooner said than done! I started my work by picking randomly a point of my list, reworked it and marked it off. This was still some time to spend and the differences are very hard to capture on my work in progress pictures but in the end it paid off. Anyway to make this diary complete here are the pictures of the final steps which I made in between.

End Result

More pictures behind this link or in my putty and paint gallery.

That´s it. I hope you all enjoyed this article. Maybe I will do more of this project diaries in the future.


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