Freitag, 10. April 2015



Ok, not quite a good title for a blogpost. I know, but I need a start and this was the first thing coming into my mind and as this post has no specific topic it was the most obvious to take... easy...  Why is it so quite in this place lately you might ask yourself? Well, you know... it is because everyday life took it´s tribute... work and private stuff... and this and that... and... and... 

Bah! Humbug! Don´t start telling stories; nobody is interested in this bla bla of apologies! It was all about painting and hobby fun, building bases and applying colour to miniatures. Lately I spend a lot of time at the painting table to get my entries for the Bananalicious Contest ready. I indeed made progress but I´m still trying to get out of a thight spot as time is flying by. I have 14 days to go until the deadline is over. Therefore there was no time for writing blog posts at all, but this will change in the near future. After submitting my entries I´m able to show you my last piece I´m currently working on. 

The other two pieces need some minior adjustments. Final brush strokes here, some cleaning there. So, hopefully I can show them to you in the next days. Additionally I have two more finished commission pieces, but I´m not able to show them right now as the pictures are not officially published at the moment. So some patience is needed here. For the while a first preview picture of one of my entries has to be enoug. It´s a bit blurry, without a descent background and the whole piece is not easy to capture but I will show you better pictures as soon as possible:

There is light at the end of the tunnel regarding the long silence here in the saloon. 

So stay tuned,

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  1. Hi Scar, der Goblin sieht sehr, sehr vielversprechend aus! Die Base gefällt mir total gut, die ganzen knalligen Farben sehen schön giftig aus, sehr interessant! Nun sieht das Moos auch sehr gut aus! Zur Bemalung des Goblins selber brauche ich glaube ich nicht viel sagen, genial!

    Gruß, Bennet