Dienstag, 24. Februar 2015

Quick´n Dirty 01: creating simple moss pads

Hello all together,

after the very slow and wearisome start into 2015 here on HW due to several reasons I decided to speed up a bit. As a first activity towards more blog posts I want to install a new category:

Quick´n Dirty

It should become a series of small and simple hobby tips and tricks I discover during my work. Mostly on how to achieve serveral effects or how to approach a special task. Maybe also how I failed to achieve a special task to prevent others from doing the same mistake...

To kick-start this category I want to show you how I produced some simple moss pads for my base. Just some pictures and a simpel how to do text:

1. Take a small piece of blister foam and a green colour.

2. Dye the foam with the colour, let it dry for several hours and use a forceps to rip out little pieces of foam
3. Use superglue to apply them on your base. Ready.
Quite simple. The pads look a bit too artificial at this stage. I´m going to blend them in more into the base with some washes of green, green-blue and brown and some highlights with beige. I will show you  the end result!

In the meanwhile I´m preparing some articles in the background, so....

...stay tuned

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