Freitag, 21. November 2014

Freebooters Fate tournament and a preview in future projects....

Ahoi pirates, brotherhood members, goblins or what ever you are!

Some days past by without a lifesign from my site. So, here I´m back still under the impressions of the first official Freebooters Fate tournament. What a great weekend! Everything was just perfect: organisation of the tournament, the games and chat with fellow Freebooters Fate players (old ones and new ones), the presence of the complete Freebooters Fate team (including the captain Werner Klocke).
We, a friend of mine (Kvoothe), his dad (Klempi) and me, did participate as a team (the Howling Wolves) and it was really a fun time and also quite successful. Kvoothe made a fantastic 2nd place, he even was first before the last game but got overtaken by 1 tournament point in the end. Klempi placed 7th and I placed somewhere in the mid-field. But therefore I took home the best painted crew award!

Unfortunately I can´t show you more pictures because I did not take any at all during the weekend, but there are other sources out there if you are interested in more pictures. Check out:

With the this years tournaments behind me it is definately some time für recreation as I painted a hell lot the last time and I urgently need to clean up my desk which is looking really ugly. But some things are keeping their own pace this year without taking care about me and the next events and (hobby)duties are ahead. First of all there is this "little" and not only by me badly anticipated painting event (click the banner for more information):

As always my head is bursting with way too many ideas and in the end I´m happy if I can do one of all the things I have in my mind. The last contest was a lot of fun and I could place myself in the top three of the diorama categorie. I´m not sure if I´m able to repeat this as the competition will be very strong and actually I plan to participate in the fantasy display categorie and this will be even stronger. But in the end it is all about having some painting fun. With a timeline until april next year I should have enough time...

... but prior to that I have a new very urgent commision on my desk which I have to fullfill during the weekend. Thus much to the recreation time...

So, enough of my plans. I also have some new articles and pictures of Freebooters Fate miniatures. Recently I finished my versions of Momma Galina and the Master Harlequina. Here a little teaser picture:

So, stay tuned!

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