Freitag, 23. Mai 2014

Freebooters Fate Goblin Crew - Part 1


me again. Somehow I´m into serious blogging at the moment. I´m playing around with the design of the blog and start to like it more and more. Some changes that has to be made are still in my mind but first I have to design some graphics for it and I´m really a newbee to digital drawing or editing.... In my mind are some categories that I want to introduce with time and I want to increase and improve some how-to do articles. At the moment I show more or less just some pics of miniatures and projects. Hopefully this will change in future and the articles will get more "content" in it. At least this is my intention. We will see how far this will go and how good I´m in this and how much time I will find.... and, and, and...

Enough for the moment! I´m happy with the design so far and therefore I want to show some new pics to you. As mentioned in the post before I´m a huge Freebooter fan and over time I started to build up a goblin crew. First of all I want to show you the Captain. Here he is... the mighty Malo Gordab:

Colours appear a little bit different in real life then they do on the photos but I think it is ok to get a feeling of the miniature. I still have to improve my photography skills...

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