Dienstag, 22. März 2016

El Charo and Pujamen -Freebooters Fate Goblin Crew Part 12b

Hi all,

this one really kept me busy for quite a while. It´s one additional specialist for my ever growing goblin crew but in fact it was three miniatures to paint. One of it was really complex and had some nasty areas where access with the brush was not quite easy....

If you can´t remember: The first member of this piggyback team you can find here.

I finished it right in time for the January tournament. You see it is for quite a while on my desk. But their was no time to put it into a blog post. As I´m quite eager to reach my self set goal of posting at least once a month no matter how limited time is the three of them come in quite handy this month. 

At the moment I´m painting on a bigger bust from Nuts Planet. I hope to finish it this month. So stay tuned.

No more words. Just some pictures.


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