Donnerstag, 31. Dezember 2015

Happy new year and what is going on....?!?


new years eve is approaching fast (to fast for me) and it is time for me to do a last post for this year. I failed to do some more blogposts during the last weeks. The reason for this is due to the birth of our daughter. To be honest, she is great fun but also knows how to keep you busy... and everything else in your life comes second (also painting miniatures or blogging about it). But enough from this stuff back to hobby related themes. Despite the lack of time I had the desire to do a last blog entry for this year. In the end I managed to do at least one entry per month this year.

Christmas is over now and this years season meant it good with me as a miniature painter as I got a hell lot of miniature gifts (including some awesome pieces I even did not know that they exist). So I hope to do some reviews in the next year.

On top of it my Black Sailors Kickstarter order from Big Child arrived one day before christmas. O man I longed for it... I backed for it in October 2013 (!)... I will do a detailed article about this lovely pieces where I will also tell you about my crowdfunding experiences I made so far. 

So, what will bring us next year? To be honest I don´t know. I have some projects in my mind but time is limited so I have to choose wise where to start and what to do. Being aware of this fact I did some hobby related decisions during the last weeks.

The first was to get rid of a huge part of my Lord of the Rings Collection as I´m not a player anymore (or to put it better: I don´t do any tournaments with this system any more) and most of all the stuff was for this purpose. It somehow overwhelmed me to see all those boxes full of unpainted miniatures and it somehow was a burden on my hobby soul as I´ve always known that I won´t paint it in the future. It was simply to much and some of the pieces are great as gaming miniatures but are not suitable for display painting. I still kept a good part of models I think I will have a use of in the future... maybe... some are on the brink of getting thrown out but I have to think about it first...

Second decision was to do more high quality stuff in the future. More larger scales and busts and some dioramas in smaller scale. I got better in painting over the last ye One project I start during the next year will accompany me through several month I think. I promised a friend of mine to paint his Freebooter crew. In fact I already started but I the big bunch of miniatures is still to be done. I will work on them once in a while.

What comes first in the next year is a Freebooters Fate tournament in mid of January. I still have to do some preparation (3 miniatures to go). I also managed to finish some stuff I´m going to show you at the beginning of next year.  For the blog I intend to keep it going somehow. At least one or two entries a month. Maybe some longer articles where I sum up my doings instead of may small ones. We will see. At the moment I´m not able to put any pressure on it. I have to see myself where it goes. To finish this here a short work in progress shot from my workbench.

I wish you all a happy new year! Stay healthy and enjoy painting. Scar

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