Mittwoch, 9. September 2015

Sha´un - Ram Tribe Warrior

Hello all together,

today it is time to show you the finished pictures of my latest bigger project. This one took me quite a while and it was the first big project after my private practice coaching. I tried to transfer all the things I have learned to this bust and I´m quite happy with the outcome. It is not perfect but it never will be...

I also prepared a big work in progress article for this one which I will post in the following days. In fact it was so huge in the end that I decided to do a diary out of it. Luckily I protocoled it quite good.  I also had the chance to test my new camera. As I´m not very familiar with photography it took me quite a while to good some descent pictures. But I think I found some good settings in the end. So expect a better picture quality here at Howling Wolves in the future. Maybe not for every post but at least for everything where I show some finished projects. Wip shots are much easier to make with my mobile phone...

If you would like to see some more angles and pictures (or if you have an account and want to vote for it) you can have a look at my Putty and Paint gallery.

Stay tuned and all the best,

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