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Review: Smog Rider miniatures from Scale 75

Short facts:
Sculpture: unknown
Material: Resin
Number of parts of the kit: 3
Scale: 40 mm
Distributor: Scale 75

Hello readers,

it is review time again. Recently I got to know about new miniature from the company Scale 75. It is called Smog Riders and the intention behind it is to give the painters some models were they can develop their painting skills. The figures are hold in chibi style (this kind of style was new to me...) and therefore they have very large areas were one is able to test and excercise various painting techniques. The price is quite affordable (~13 Euros). Normally Scale 75 produces high quality products in 75mm (what a surprise...) and painting supply (their colours are really awesome).

I was curious to see if these new line can hold what it promises and therefore I ordered two blisters. this is how they arrived:

After opening the blisters you hold the following in hands:

The next step was to remove mold lines and flash´s and to have a closer look at them... But to be honest: What I saw made me not very happy...

What ist this... look at the arm and the fingers. Holes over holes...
I found a lot of bubbles and holes. Especially at Patty Wrench´s arm and fingers. In fact it looks nasty. Also the octopuses revealed some unpromising parts. On the right side of the helmet you can see a very heavy flash line. Normally it is quite easy to remove such things with a sharp knife but this one I to carve away followed by heavy sanding to get a smooth surface...

.... more holes...

... and the next nasty flash line...
After cleaning I glued them together and used green stuff to fill in all the holes. Here ist the final result:


I bought these miniatures for my wife as she started with painting a figure and wanted to do a next one. I thought that these maybe are the right ones as they offer some nice practice options and to hold the miniature painting virus burning within her. I think therefore the miniatures are quite suitable as they hold big areas and are not overloaded with details which maybe can kill ones painting motivation. 
But I´m really disappointed from the quality. To many nasty flash lines and holes for the price it costs. I know metal miniatures in better quality for the same price. Luckily the faces were more or less without flaws....

All in all I think we will have our fun with them but to be honest: I´m reluctant to buy more models from these line. Actually it´s a pity as Scale75 for sure knows how to offer quality for your bucks as they do so with their bigger models and their paints. Maybe I just was´t lucky enough and got some models from a bad run...

Stay tuned and paint,

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