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Review: Private Practice II with Roman Lappat from Massive Voodoo


again some silence here on Howling Wolves but not without reason. I had to recover from a private practice painting course with Roman Lappat from Massive Voodoo. After the course I had to sort some private things but also my brain needed some time (maybe still needs) to digest all the things I learned. I think now it is time to tell you about the course.

When I contacted Roman in January we talked about the private practice and about the topic. I decided to concentrate on the keyword "atmosphere". I always struggle to find a harmonic colour scheme and to get the right setting and mood for my pieces. Therefore for me it was the logic consequence to choose this topic.

We both decided to paint the Random Encounter from FeR Miniatures as this is a perfect working piece. Nice big areas and different materials, not overloaden and dozens of possibilities to tell a story with. We also agreed that I would prepare my miniature and the base beforehand to start right away into the painting... ok, always good to have a plan you can change later on...  Time was short until the class and I had the rough idea to let my dwarf roam through a cave, maybe a flowstone cave. I ended up with this:
First base sketch for the Random Encounter
I was not convinced at all but somehow also reluctant to change something. When I arrived at Romans studio I told him about my disaffection and we first had a look at my base. Now I had to decide... go on with it as it was not totally bad or to do some changes. Roman encouraged me to do some changes as the topic was atmosphere and the base would be some major part of the final impression. Ok, after some brainstorming, hints and advices from Big Kong and 1 hour later I ended up with this:

Base Composition Basics

In caverns old...

Much better! Much more cave feeling in it now! It will pay off at the end! So, time to start the painting!

"Stopp, young Padawan!", said the Big Kong... First we have to do some theory and yes, this was a really fine lecture. With just the three primary colours and black and white Roman showed me how to mix any colour I want to have. This was awesome. It helped me a lot to understand colours and how to use them. For sure I have to practice it in the future but now I know where to start.

Lesson 1: How to mix colours!
Now it was time to start the painting process. We first used the airbrush to spray our atmosphere colour onto the base and miniatures. We chose a brownish green (wet and slimy cave...). Our aim was to go for an extreme light situation. Imagine the dwarf is facing a fire (a burning brand or a dragon spitting fire) and from the back just the dark blue light of the cave. This is what we tried to capture in a first sketch. Priming atmosphere colour on the overall object: the light colour (=orange) from the front in thin layers and the same with the shadow colour (base tone + blue ) from the back. For this step we used an airbrush.

Front and...

... back.
The next step was to intensify the effect by highlighting everything (for the light adding more orange and yellow and of the shadows adding a lighter blue).

The next step was to spray our light colour in very thin layers from the direction it hits our little scene. 

We also went for some detail painting. Unfortunately the painting fever took over and I totally forgot to shoot more pictures... Above you see the bases nearly finished. The same techniques we used on the dwarf. Here a picture (my last one during the painting process) from in between:

On Friday midday I thought that we will not be able to finish our pieces and instead I thought we could just concentrate on special parts to finish them and leaving the others as a homework to me. But Roman unwrapped his whip and "encouraged" me to go on and to speed up... Yeah man, this was really good, as it showed me that I´m able to speed up if necessary and it is much more satisfying to hold something in hand you can call done after such an intense painting course! For sure it is never done but at some point you have to decide if you want to go further or if you want to stop. As the topic was painting atmosphere we could easily decide to call it done (click to enlarge...)!

That´s it for today! Stay tuned and have fun while painting,


P.S.: If you would like to give your vote, you can also find this fellow in my (new founded) putty&paint gallery.

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