Samstag, 25. Juli 2015

Quick´n Dirty 02: How to pimp your plinth

Hi folks,

time for my second Quick´n Dirty post.

What is it about? For showcase projects I tend to use simple wooden blocks of various sizes (depending on the project). Most times I spray them black and that´s it. Doesn´t look very nice or special at all. I decided to change this and had the idea to dye them. So I bought different wood stains from the hardware store:

In a plastic box I don´t need any more I dissolved the powder in hot water. Ensure to wear personnel protective equipment. I strongly recommend disposable gloves and handling it in a well vented area (best outside)!

After the powder is dissolved I just take my wooden blocks/plinth and put them into the wood stain. You can also use a brush to apply the stain. Afterwards take them out, place them on old newspaper and let them dry. Et voilá!

Looks nice to me. After finishing the project I will apply some gloss varnish via the airbrush to give it a nice finish.

Thats it for today. Stay tuned,

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