Mittwoch, 15. Juli 2015

Deckhand - Imperial Armada Crew - 1


as an in between miniature I finished an Imperial Armada Arquebusier. It is a miniature I painted for a friend of mine. In fact I promised to paint a whole crew for him. So, this is the first finished piece and mainly it was done to test the colour scheme. 

I did speed up a bit during the painting process. It is not painted to perfection as I have to do a whole bunch of them. This one took me 3,5 hours and for the time spend I´m quite satisfied. For the specialists and leader I will increase the detail grade...

Expect more of the Imperial Armada during the next weeks.

All the best


  1. Great painitng job!!!

    Greetings Hightower

  2. Perfekte Farbkombination und man hat so richtig das Gefühl gleich krachts !!!!

  3. Thank you to the both of you!