Freitag, 22. Mai 2015

RPC Visit - Impressions

Hi all,

a lot happened during the last 4 weeks and somehow time flew by without any chance for me to keep pace. I finished my Bananalicious contest pieces right in time, was a bit exhausted afterwards and took a small rest from painting. But just a few days before I headed back to my table to paint a rather fast tabletop quality piece for my Freebooter goblin crew (pics will follow). A friend visited us and we spend a week at the dutch sea together. Last saturday we visited together the RPC in Cologne. I did not shoot a lot of pictures but the few I have I want to share with you. It was a nice event and I´m shure I will visit it again in the future. I was quite reluctant to spent to much money for the hobby as I did so in the past. Therefore I just bought one miniature and the new Freebooter Fates Battles expansion. Unfortunatelly my wife decided to go for a Batman miniature demo game and now I´m a bit thrilled by it. I think about painting some of these nice miniatures and start a little warband.... oh no, not another tabletop game.... or, maybe... hmmm....

So, no more words from my side. See this little post as a comeback into my writing activities. More posts will follow.

Stay tuned,

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