Mittwoch, 11. März 2015

...Yo-ho-ho, and a bottle of rum!

...or a complete barrel!
Finally I can show you one of my last commission pieces. I painted this fellow for Freebooters Miniatures.

Wirt Freebooters Fate


I also shot some work in progress pictures I want to show to you. It´s kind of a small/fast guide on how I approached this paint job. Have a look, enjoy and if you have questions don´t hesitate to contact me (click for enlargement)...

Miniature after glueing and priming

Applied first layers of skin tone (Scale 75 basic flesh) via airbrush

Layed down skin tone colours on my wet palette...

... started painting by intensifying the base tone colour and...

... and added the first shadows to the lower part and recesses.

Did the same to the head/face.

Applied lights (mainly to the shoulder) and more shadows.

First layer of colour for the barrel. More lights to the shoulder.

First colours for the apron. Painted the trouser in a patchwork
style, painted the hair and applied some washes to the skin area

...different view...

More layers of colour. Defined lights and shadows.
Painted the barrel, applied black to metal parts.

Painted the anchor and added more details.

At this point I forgot to take more pictures as the tattoo painting consumed my whole attention.... That´s it for today. Stay tuned for more articles!

All the best

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