Sonntag, 8. Februar 2015

Year of the green skin


any progress or new pictures from my side you might ask? Nope, not at all... unfortunatelly. I finished commission piece number 2 of this year and head over to... piece number 3.... but I´m not able to show you right now.

But to let you not completly without any post I decided to do an announcement. On several blogs related to miniature painting I saw that the last year was dedicated to a special topic (like: pirates!). Indeed I think this is a quite funny thing and I decided to do the same with the Howling Wolves Saloon. This year it seems for me that I might have a lot to do with orcs, goblins, trolls and the like. So it is quite obvious what to do: I announce this painting year here on Howling Wolves as: 

Year of the Green Skin!

Within the first half of the year I´m waiting for the Black Sailors Kickstarter. Estimated delivery date is may and I´m very curious to hold them miniatures in hand. The pictures just look awesome and it should be a true joy to paint them. As Kickstarters are always too late I expect it for the fall of this year....  So some time left to paint some other green skins...

To start the year of the green skin not just with a post full of text I prepared a short review for you. I got my greedy hands on some casts of Pierre and Paolo, the goblin and his octopus from Freebooter Miniatures. As I really like the Freebooter miniatures (you might possibly have recognized this...) I fell in love with the concept art the moment I saw it and longed for it´s release. And here it is...

The cast of the separate parts is as always flawless. Some minor flash lines had to be removed but nothing serious. Often you don´t even have to fill gaps when working with Freebooter miniatures as the fit is perfect what is really stunning for metal miniatures. This time I had to fill two or three minor gaps with green stuff as the design is really complex and some undercuts were needed to realize it.

Now I´m curious to throw some paint on this fellow. When I find the time for it.....

Stay tuned,

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