Mittwoch, 28. Januar 2015

The force is strong with this one...


as time is passing by I´m still working on my contest pieces. Unfortunatelly there ist not much to show of this week. Just some progress on the goblin. I decided to do a glow effect to get to show the scource of his might/force/magic  ability. It mainly comes from the little voodoo puppet around his neck.

Ok, not much happend at all you might think. But in fact a lot of things are going on in the background. The last 1,5 weeks I spent working on a commision piece I´m not allowed to show to you yet. Later... This is why it was so silent the last days from my side. There is another commission piece on my desk I have to finish the next days. In the meanwhile I try to get some paint onto my contest pieces. I´m still indecisive about the third entry for my display. Way too many options but time will show what happens....

I also spent some thoughts on the Sappo bust and what to change/improve on it. At the moment I´m deep into the TV series Breaking Bad and sometimes it is really nice to see how the show runners play with extreme light and shadow situations. Once there was a portrait of Gus Fring (the Los Pollos guy) on the screen with a nice play of light and shadow. I tried to find it in the internet but failed instead I found this one. Also nice, although not as extreme as the one I had in mind but it will do for the while. I prepared it a bit:

What you can see is a gradient from bright to dark from top to bottom with some bright spots at prominent areas. My Sappo looks like this at the moment:

And somehow I feel that it lacks some contrast here and there. I have to increase the brightness at some spots while going deeper into the dark at the recesses. Yes I think I have to do this. I keep you updated when it´s done. But first things first, so I have to get this commission finished and I´m looking forward to do so as it is a nice miniature I like a lot. Without giving too much away I can say that it is a homage to one of my favorite  TV characters at the moment....

Stay tuned,

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