Mittwoch, 7. Januar 2015

Happy New Year, plans for 2015 and work in progress

Hello all!

A late happy new year from my side. It has been quiet during the last days here on Howling Wolves. We enjoyed the christmas break and tried to get some old things done and also to get some rest from all the things that happened during the year.... calm down and reload the batteries for a good start in 2015. Hope you did so too!

For sure there was some painting and scale modeling from my side. For me it is still the best method to relax. Ok, what are the results you might ask? In the last post I told you that I plan to finish the Sappo bust before the year ends. Ok, I have to admit that I failed, but at least I was able to nearly finish it. Final touches are missing. Some cleaning up, redefining some lights and saturations and I also want to change the socket as the current one is only for working purposes. I also have the plan to add some appliqué on the leather parts like a number or a symbol that fits to him. Not quite sure about it yet. This is what he looks like at the moment (I´m struggling a bit with getting a descent picture of him):

At the moment I put it aside as I need to get some distance before working again on him. I´m a bit afraid to overdo some things so I want to get my mind clear about it. In the meanwhile I started the base work on my second display piece. Here are some early work in progress shots. Without giving to much away I can say that I´m quite curious on how this one comes out in the end. Any ideas what it is going to be?

Ok, that´s is for today. In the new year it is common to talk about future plans. I think mine are quite obvious: getting my display pieces for the bananalicious contest done. I´m eager to finish this base and to start with the paint work.

I will keep you updated. At the moment there are not as much finished miniatures to show from my side as this high quality painting is very time consuming and therefore my output is decreasing. But I  try to show you WIP shots and updates on a regular basis.

Stay tuned,

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