Mittwoch, 14. Januar 2015

Bananalicious contest update

Hi folks,

ok, as stated in my last post to give you an update on my progress here is the first one.

The work on my diorama I starteted last week is proceeding, not as fast as I would like to but in the end progress is progress I would say. As long as it is on a continuous basis I´m satisfied. Here are some picture. First from the paintwork on the miniature:

And from the base work:

What´s next?

As there will be a lot of work-in-progress articles in the upcoming days and weeks I decided to do an own categorie for it on the blog. Maybe this is interesting for one or the other as an inspirational source or just on how to approach different tasks. It will be mainly short posts with some pictures and less text. Unfortunately I lack the time for in-depth articles and step-by-step´s but maybe someday I can reuse some of the pictures and with thus way I have archived them not just for my own purpose. Last time I tried a banner for this new section but I´m not convinced totaly. It will end up in this direction but I think I don´t want to name it just WIP. Maybe I go for "What´s on my desk" or "View over my shoulder". We will see.

That´s it for today.


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