Montag, 22. Dezember 2014

Christmas wishes and wip Bananalicious Contest


christmas is approaching fast and I want to give a last life sign before the days of celebrating, feasting and presents arrive.

As mentioned before on my desk every sign, every brush stroke and every base building action is related to the Massive Voodoo Bananalicious Contest. I hope you guys are painting and preparing as well for this big online painting competition!

My first plan (yes, there is more than one plan....for the moment...) is to enter a display piece. This means that I need to enter  at least three different miniatures into the competition of which one has to be a complete new one. Ok, I decided to enter three complete new one... maybe it´s mad but I have no other opportunity as I have to start in the masterclass level due to my third place in diorama during the first contest. And as all my current display pieces are not on a level I want to enter in a masterclass level I have to make new ones. The first one is right on my desk and I decided to start of with a bust as I can completely concentrate on the painting aspect and I think this is a good way to get  into competition mode. So, here is a first very early work in progress and hey, this piece is a hell lot of fun!

I want to finish it up before new years eve... So, have a look around here after christmas. Maybe I can show you pictures of the finished bust.

Have a nice christmas (if you are celebrating it... if not... enjoy yourself anyway),


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