Donnerstag, 27. November 2014

Master Harlequina - Freebooter´s Fate Brotherhood


here are the pictures of the Master Harlequina I painted for a friend of mine. This miniature was a true joy to paint. I decided to go for yellow and purple as the main colours and I think it worked quite good. It was my first attempt of painting such a big area in yellow and I have to admit that it is really not an easy colour to paint. But with everything in your life it is the same... you need practice to get better. So, this was a really good practice.

Enjoy the day and remember: The only way to get a better painter is by painting. The more, the better...



  1. Wonderful Mini, what colors did you use for yellow and purple ???

  2. Hi Kauboi,

    happy to hear that you like her! The problem with colour recipes is that I don´t paint with colour names instead I just have a look on my workbench and take what I think is suitable at the moment. I tend to forget the exact colours... but I can try to remember as good as possible...
    I think for the yellow I did use GW golden yellow as a base tone and highlighted by adding Vallejo ice yellow. For the shadows I used a yellowish brown... and for the really deep shadows I used something like GW snakebite leather washes and a chocolate brown (don´t know the new names). For intensifying I applied some washes of a really intense yellow for the airbrush from Schmincke.
    The purples are done with vallejo royal purple as base tone. Highlighted by adding small amounts of ice yellow. For the shadows I used Army Painter purple ink.
    In both cases (yellow and purple) I did set final lights with pure white (superfine white from Schmincke).

    Hope this is to some extend helpful for you.

    All the best

    1. Danke schön
      Sorry aber deutsch ist für mich einfacher ;-)
      Lg Chris

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