Samstag, 1. November 2014

Carly Wench, Freebooter Lim015


finally I can show you the following pictures. Sometimes things happens out of the nothing. Earlier this year the Freebooter Miniatures Crew asked me if I would like to paint the this years limited edition miniature for the toy fair "Spiel 14" in Essen. They saw some of my miniatures I uploaded to the official forum and they seemed to like them. I was quite flabbergasted when they asked but for sure I couldn´t resist to take the chance.... and I had my fun with her. I struggled here and there and I learned a lot...

So, here she is, Carly Wench. One had the chance to buy her first at the toy fair. In the not so distant future she will be also available in stores and the online shop.

Have a nice weekend,

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