Donnerstag, 27. November 2014

Master Harlequina - Freebooter´s Fate Brotherhood


here are the pictures of the Master Harlequina I painted for a friend of mine. This miniature was a true joy to paint. I decided to go for yellow and purple as the main colours and I think it worked quite good. It was my first attempt of painting such a big area in yellow and I have to admit that it is really not an easy colour to paint. But with everything in your life it is the same... you need practice to get better. So, this was a really good practice.

Freitag, 21. November 2014

Freebooters Fate tournament and a preview in future projects....

Ahoi pirates, brotherhood members, goblins or what ever you are!

Some days past by without a lifesign from my site. So, here I´m back still under the impressions of the first official Freebooters Fate tournament. What a great weekend! Everything was just perfect: organisation of the tournament, the games and chat with fellow Freebooters Fate players (old ones and new ones), the presence of the complete Freebooters Fate team (including the captain Werner Klocke).
We, a friend of mine (Kvoothe), his dad (Klempi) and me, did participate as a team (the Howling Wolves) and it was really a fun time and also quite successful. Kvoothe made a fantastic 2nd place, he even was first before the last game but got overtaken by 1 tournament point in the end. Klempi placed 7th and I placed somewhere in the mid-field. But therefore I took home the best painted crew award!

Donnerstag, 13. November 2014

Incantenebra - Freebooters Fate Brotherhood


ok, here it is. The second crew member I painted for the brotherhood. First I did not like the model at all but after a few hours and first layers of paint the spark somehow ignited a fire and at the end I really like the overall look. Unfortunatelly the pictures somehow absorped the red colour. In real life it is much more brilliant.

Freitag, 7. November 2014

Spada - Freebooters Fate Brotherhood

Hi there,

as mentioned before I´m knee deep in preparation for the Freebooters Fate tournament on nexts week s weekend. My Goblin Crew is nearly done, only one miniature is missing so I should make it right in time.

But this would have been to easy and I work best when I´m under pressure.... Therefore I promised a friend of mine to paint three miniatures for his crew which he wants to use on the tournament. Here´s the first one, a Spada deckhand for the brotherhood.

Samstag, 1. November 2014

Carly Wench, Freebooter Lim015


finally I can show you the following pictures. Sometimes things happens out of the nothing. Earlier this year the Freebooter Miniatures Crew asked me if I would like to paint the this years limited edition miniature for the toy fair "Spiel 14" in Essen. They saw some of my miniatures I uploaded to the official forum and they seemed to like them. I was quite flabbergasted when they asked but for sure I couldn´t resist to take the chance.... and I had my fun with her. I struggled here and there and I learned a lot...

So, here she is, Carly Wench. One had the chance to buy her first at the toy fair. In the not so distant future she will be also available in stores and the online shop.