Donnerstag, 9. Oktober 2014

Evolution of a banner

Hi folks,

you might have noticed that I changed my banner recently. It took a me a tremendous amount of time to do so as this was (and is) my first attempt of digital painting/designing something. In the end it came out quite good and I´m more than satisfied with the result. I used Inkscape and GIMP to realise my idea of a banner. Why I´m telling this? I have some work in progress pictures and maybe some of you are interested in the evolution of it.

As a reminder: this was the old banner my lovely wife made for me as an interim solution as I was far to lazy to do it on my own. It served me a good while and gave me the time to evolve the new one in my very own pace --- very slooooowwwww:

It all started with the idea of making the blog look like a saloon (the banner is the first step, more will follow) and therefore I needed a saloon sign as a banner. So I first painted a rough wooden plank...

This was a good start for my purpose but somehow it was to big. So I reduced it in size and started a first attempt to arrange the text. The Saloon letters are a drawing I did in Inkscape, a vector graphic program. Sorry no work in progress pics of these...

Ok, not bad I thought but somehow a bit to awkward and much to clean for a saloon and the wood did not convince me either. So I started to add some weathering to the wood and bullet-holes (a must have). The lettering was to clean and opaque and missed some scratches, chips and dents…

A step in the right direction but not enough. The saloon lettering was to big and the blog title to small. Somehow it distracted the eye from the actual title, so I had to change this. Also it was a bit to dark and it needed more weathering. Especially the wolf…

Almost there but I did not like the borders of the sign. The cut-off of the wood was to sharp and would look strange as a banner. I added more scratches and tendrils (also designed in Inkscape). Also I had a deeper look into the lights and shadows and added them at edges and recesses…

At this stage I called it done as I was quite satisfied. I removed the black parts and the final result you can see on top of the page.

In the future I will add more of these stuff but it will take me some more time.


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  1. Haha, amazing! A few months ago I thought about doing something similar but had no idea how to do it. Therefore I was amazed by your new sign and this step-by-step article is especially cool! Thanks!
    Best wishes,