Donnerstag, 30. Oktober 2014

Captain Garcia


on one of the last saturdays me and a friend met for some Freebooters Fate playing. We tried to get a grap of the rules and had a nice game and learned a lot about the games mechanics. After the game I gave some painting instructions. I´m no speed painter at all, normally I take my time to finish a miniatures but the goal this time was to paint up a miniature within 2-3 hours. I know some techniques to speed up the process but this comes with a lack of quality (for sure). Well, I finished this piece in around 2 hours. The pictures are not as big as usual... ;)

It´s definitely not my common way of painting but to get things done it is ok. With some practice I´m sure that one is able to get better results. Although my wife and a good friend of mine said that it looks horrible.... Wanted to show it to you anyway... :)

Next time no speed painting tests.


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