Sonntag, 7. September 2014

Freebooter´s delight: Fruit in rum

Ahoi landlubbers,

today something completely different! As christmas is approaching quite fast and summer is about to leave I decided to do some fruit in rum for the winter time. Seems to be a freebooter year...

What´s it about? At various stages in summertime you take different fruits (cherries, plums, mirabelle, oranges, pears,….) at the top of there ripeness, mix them with sugar, add alcohol (rum) and spices (cinnamon, vanilla, anise,...) and store the mixture in a pot and let it incubate to develop some nice flavors. Sounds easy and indeed it is.

It is nearly done. The only missing fruits are pears which I will add in 3-4 weeks. Afterwards I have to hide it from myself to let it incubate until Advent season. One can use it as a topping on ice-cream or to add it to your tea and so on.  I have also a recipe for a rum fruit cake… I´m curious how this will come out.

Yes, I´m looking forward to the winter time…

All the best

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