Samstag, 6. September 2014

Back in the saddle and Freebooters Fate Tournament preparation


long time, no hear... but this has to change! Now! There was a lot of activity on my hobby desk during the last couple of weeks but unfortunately non of this can be showed here (at least at the moment). Hope that I can change this in the not so distant future. Some of it has to do with the appearance of this site. I´m slowly but constantly working on some design elements. It is a tedious work but in the end I think it is worth the effort.

Nonetheless it is time to go on with some content on this blog. I´m still working on the painting series/articles about how to paint the freebooter mercenaries box (see previous parts here: 1, 2, 3) but part 4 still needs some time to get finished. I somehow underestimated the time needed for finishing such an article... but I´m on it. In the meanwhile I decided to take part in the first official Freebooters Fate Tournament taking place in mid november and a one day Freebooter Tournament at the end of october. But there is one little problem....

My Goblin Pirate Crew lacks some members before they are ready for a full 500 dubloon fight which is mandatory for the tournament. Until mids of october it is quite a while to go, I know, but as I´m a slow painter it could be that this is going to be a tight schedule. Therefore I have to start right now and here are the new crew members in all their unpainted glory:

So expect some pictures of painted Freebooter Miniatures in the next time.

Additionally there is a Microarts Studio Miniature waiting for some paint. A colleague of mine did me a favor and this paintjob is a favor in return as she is a huge discworld and Terry Pratchett fan.

Ok, that´s it with my first life sign after quite a while.


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