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Review: Spirit of Adventure from Jonatán Monerris

Short facts:
Sculpture: Jonatán Monerris
Material: Resin
Number of parts of the kit: 3
Scale: 54 mm

Hi to all of you,
after the last review about the knight models Gandalf and Bilbo I decided to do another one. Again it is a somehow Middle earth related miniature or let´s say that it is at least inspired by a special Hobbit we all know. The sculptor of this little fellow is Jonatán Monerris and the distributor ist Heroes and Villians Miniatures and this is what it looks like:

When opening the box you see the following:

The miniature is a multipart model made out of resin. A look at the parts reveals a flawless first impression. No harsh flash lines, no bubbles in the surface, no.... but wait.. .what ist this? The neck of the pipe he is holding is broken. Ok not so nice, but one has to admit that it is a really tiny piece. Very filigree. Ok, damn, this can happen with such a tiny detail, I will have to fix it. Here are some detail shots:

Let´s see how everything fits together. I used some putty to assemble it in a quick way for a test run.

You can see (or better not see...) that the neck of the pipe is missing. This will be a pain in the ass to fix... I know it, I know it for sure. But: No pain, no gain....

Despite of the broken part everything seems to be fine. The casting is perfect and everything fits together very well. No bad gaps to repair or parts which are miss fitting. The model is a 54mm scale model (the model itself is maybe 30 - 35mm tall as it is a Hobbit…), so not a model to play Tabletop with. It is obviously designed to give it a nice paintjob and put it in your display. I´m really looking forward to paint this up. I really do, but other duties are ahead and I have to be patient.

In summary I can say that you get a model that is worth it´s price. 14,95 Euro for a 54 mm scale model with a superb quality is more than fine for me. So if you are a painter and want to build up a nice scene with a little hobbit I just can recommend buying this one. 

To give you an idea how versatile this model can be used here is a nice diorama scene I found on the I-net:

It is not from me (far away from my painting skills)! Have a look at Sergeant Black Art... really, do it! It´s a nice place and they have nice articles about  miniature painting. This picture is from an event coverage - the World Expo in Stresa. You will find stunning pictures of amazingly painted miniatures.
See you

P.S.: Let me know if you enjoy this kind of articles. There are some treasures hidden in my tin box I can do a review or short article about....

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  1. Great review of a great miniature! I like the article a lot, so in my opinion you can make more of these ;)