Dienstag, 29. Juli 2014

Massive Voodoo Ultimate Paint Rack Indiegogo campaign

Hi folks,

here a short hint to an indiegogo campaign I think it is worth a look. It´s not a secret that I´m a great fan of the Massive Voodoo Team as I love the work they are doing and I learned a lot by simply browsing the blog or attending a beginners workshop and a private practice from Roman. 

Now the guys come up with a paint rack to hold your colours and stuff. You might say to yourself: Ok, thats lame, I´ve seen such things hundreds of times before and the market is full of it! BUT this one comes with some specials and it is well-thought-out. It is low profile to save the workspace on your desk and it also is transportable and this makes it really stand out in my humble opinion. Together with a lid and a carry strap you can just grap your paint rack and you are ready to go with all your stuff. Just head off to your friend, to your painters meeting, on vacation or whereever else you want to go.

I had the chance to have a first look on an early prototype back in may when I visited Roman at his studio in Augsburg. This one was really nice and got improved until now. So I´m very confident that the final version is a product with a top-notch quality.

But have a look on your own:


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