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Knight Models Review

Hi to all of you!

Welcome to my first review on this blog.

It is quite obvious that I´m a huge Lord of the rings fan and so this review is about miniatures from middle earth. To my opinion it was not a good time lately for miniature hobbyists and lord of the rings fans. Despite the fact that there is a big company (I don´t have to name them, do I?) out there holding the license for the production of lord of the rings / hobbit miniatures it seems as if they, for whatever reason, do not intend to expand the range further.... there had been some new miniatures related to the hobbit movies in the past but to be honest they did not convince me in total. As I´m a huge fan of the old lotr miniature range I´m not one of the hobbit range. I neither like the new design nor the new prices (35 Euro for 10 plastic standard soldiers... come on guys...). But as I´m mostly out of the gaming aspect of the hobby and in addition my lead mountain can provide Sauron with an army worth the might of mordor I´m not that sad as I would have been a few years ago.

But there are still miniatures I can´t resist the temptation to buy and here we are with two of them. Beside the big company is a smaller one producing also some miniatures related to middle earth once in a while. I´m talking about Knight Models and these are the two miniatures I had to buy once I saw them:

Quite two classic characters it seems. The left one I already own in at least 8 different versions but I had to buy him anyway because it looks much better than the ones from GW. The sculpting is somehow more subtle. On the right, you see the first Bilbo I own and I really like the design and the pose. The GW ones look all clumsy to me.

Despite of all the shiny advertise pictures I was a bit sceptic when I bought them because Knight Models also produced Star Wars miniatures in 32 mm but the feedback from other customers I found over the internet was quite devastating. They claimed that all the details visible on the promotion pictures are just painted and the casting itself should be quite flat and full of flash lines and impure. So I was really curious how this two would look like in real. Due to the hefty price I expect nothing less than perfect quality!

And luckily I can say that I´m not disappointed! The quality is really good, the details are crisp and everything did make the way from spain to germany without any damage. Altough I have to admit that it would have been fine to hear a little more from company side after the purchase. No email that they received the money, no shipping update, nothing at all. So you wait for nearly 2 weeks and start to ask yourself if everything is going the right way... but this just as a marginalia. 

Here are some detail pictures (ignore the chunk at the hands and arms of the miniatures! I used some putty to fix them together in a fast way for taking pictures!):

And here a size comparison with a Gandalf miniature from GW. Regard the staff. The knight models version is much more delicate and therefore much more to scale than the GW one which is more a stem than a staff.

And here the companys paint job of the two modells. It is easier to see the details on the painted miniatures than on the white metall ones.

Summary: All in all I can recommend these two pieces of metall. The price is quite high but quality is good. I will not use them for gaming purposes instead I plan to paint them for the display so I´m quite ok with the price.

All the best

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