Montag, 9. Juni 2014

How to build a bridge - part 3


so, it´s time for the next part of the bridge. The building works are done now, so we have to proceed to the painting. This is not a detailed painting instruction, instead it is more a short guideline on how I did approach the painting task.
I also forgot to take pictures after every step because somehow the painting fun took over and I was not able to put the brush away at the one point or the other… but one should be able to see what I did… ;)

First step was to prime everything black and on top of that I sprayed some white to get a nice contrast and to make it easier for my eyes to see what is going on. Sorry no pictures of this step. For the priming I did use spray cans (the army painter ones).

Afterwards I used a chocolate brown and a yellowish brown to get some base coat on all the parts with the garden soil. I tried to bear in mind where the light will fall onto the bridge and where not. The parts in the shadows I painted much darker then the parts hit by the light. I did this wet in wet directly on the piece; just dilute your paint a bit and prewet your brush. Then pull the paints together and mix them diretly on the working piece. For the shadows I also used some vallejo dark sea blue.

I ended up with this. I decided that this is a good basecoat to start from for all the detail work.

In the next step I intensified the light and shadows. Therefore I used the woodland scenis earth colors set. This is a really great product to achieve realistic looking stone textures. I applied the colours with a brush and did it in a controlled manner instead of doing it random with a sponge. I used nearly all of the colours supplied in the kit. The light once in the upper and the dark ones in the lower part of the bridge. I gave special care to all the dents and chips on the stonework bringing in pure white on all the edges and a dark nearly black-brown wash to the recessions.

I did the same to the top part of the bridge. I drybrushed the street/path with khaki and bleached bone.

I was quite unhappy with the outcome of the street colour. Somehow it was to bright, standing out to strong. Therefore I used an army painter dark tone and soft tone warpaint inks mixture to darken everything again. The army painter inks are also a really great product. To my opinion much better than any other ink on the market. They dry out absolutely dull without any reflection points. I like this really much.

On the edges of the bridge I used some vallejo dry pigments (reddish brown ones and black). I carefully applied them with an old brush; the black pigments I used on the bottom parts. Afterwards I painted the frame of the base black and tried to achieve a water effect by using vallejo still water effect. On top of the bridge I used several flocking foliages. Not done with it yet. I´m not satisfied with the water effect so far. I have to rework this. Here is a picture of the status quo. Better pics will follow.

Thats it for part 3 and also for the bridge. Next steps will be to paint the miniatures. Afterwards I have to combine everything and rework some parts here and there. Maybe I have to rename the project... or to proceed under a different name....

Comments and critics are welcome!


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