Freitag, 6. Juni 2014

How to build a bridge - part 2


ok, after all that goblin stuff it´s time for something different. In the meantime I did some more work on my bridge.

I searched for a base to put it onto and found some picture frame that suits quite good for my purpose. I did support the bridge with some aluminum foil as it was not high enough in my opinion. For the stone structure I used a sculpting tool and carved it into the plaster. So, this is what it looks like at the moment. You can also see what I want to put upon the bridge later on….

Ok, ready to go on. The aluminum foil looks stupid but it is just for supporting purposes. I could have used some plaster or sculpting putty but this is much cheaper than any other option. To hide and reinforce the aluminum foil I put some kitchen tissue in a box, soaked it with some water and PVC glue and used this compound to put it onto the foil and the side of the bridge.

This took some hours to dry. Afterwards I used super glue to apply garden soil, which I collected and dried a while ago, onto everything. I ended up with this:

The green blocks/stones you can see on the pictures are made from Milliput. Quite easy to do; just mix some putty and bring it into a block shape. The green streak in the middle of the bridge is also Milliput. I wanted to achieve some dirt/mud effect. We will see if it works after everything is painted.

So, thats it for part 2. In the next part I will cover up on how I painted the bridge. So stay tuned.


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