Dienstag, 17. Juni 2014

Freebooters Fate Goblin Crew - part 5


so, it´s time for a goblin crew update. Two new mates reinforce the crew hopefully reaching a playable point value in the near future.

What do we have? First of all a specialist: Revlugg. I tried a more cartoonish style on this one, but I think I will return to the old style...

And the second one is a goblin mariner. This one was the miniature getting me back to my painting table after our move. After a painting break of several weeks I had to regain my brush control and used this fellow to do so. Therefore I invested quite a lot of time into this miniature and somehow I got hooked by it and painted on and on. I ended up with a painting quality above my usual tabletop quality. Hope that the pictures reflect this also... My photography skills are still not the best...

Thanks to Roman from Massive Voodoo. He gave me quite a lot of valuable input on the last one and helped me to improve it.

Comments are welcome.

The next article will be the kick-off to a series of blog posts related to the topic how-to paint miniatures in a good tabletop quality.

Stay tuned,

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