Sonntag, 22. Juni 2014

Miniatures in Tabletop quality from start to end - part 1: preparation


ok, first some words to this article. This is the kick-off to a small series of articles on how I paint miniatures used for Tabletop games. As this miniatures are for gaming purposes I aim for a good but not superb (no display quality) painting quality. Also bearing in mind that you normally have to paint a whole bunch of miniatures for a game and therefore time saving techniques are very welcome.

The first part of the series is maybe not so interesting for experienced painters but sometimes I think it is quite good to see how other painters approach a special task and there is always something new out there to learn! Some of you may recognize that a lot of this techniques or approaches are well described on other blogs and web pages (e.g. Massive Voodoo, to name just one of them...). This is for sure right as I myself did get my input from somewhere and learned all the things by testing or by getting help from others. I don´t want to copy other articles or claim the merits for me to be the inventor of all this. My approach is a mixture of all the articles and techniques I learned (and still learn) in the past. I´m just a user as the most of us are and this is a summary of my way of painting and I don´t claim for the only way to travel the road. There are a hell lot of ways out there but if you like you can accompany me on a part of my way... :)

Ok, then. Enough introduction, let´s start with content....As we all know first thing to do when starting a new project is to prepare all the stuff needed. I always start with cleaning my desk.... ough... and checking back if everything is at hand for the preparation work. These are the supplies I use in the following steps:

Dienstag, 17. Juni 2014

Freebooters Fate Goblin Crew - part 5


so, it´s time for a goblin crew update. Two new mates reinforce the crew hopefully reaching a playable point value in the near future.

What do we have? First of all a specialist: Revlugg. I tried a more cartoonish style on this one, but I think I will return to the old style...

Montag, 9. Juni 2014

How to build a bridge - part 3


so, it´s time for the next part of the bridge. The building works are done now, so we have to proceed to the painting. This is not a detailed painting instruction, instead it is more a short guideline on how I did approach the painting task.
I also forgot to take pictures after every step because somehow the painting fun took over and I was not able to put the brush away at the one point or the other… but one should be able to see what I did… ;)

First step was to prime everything black and on top of that I sprayed some white to get a nice contrast and to make it easier for my eyes to see what is going on. Sorry no pictures of this step. For the priming I did use spray cans (the army painter ones).

Afterwards I used a chocolate brown and a yellowish brown to get some base coat on all the parts with the garden soil. I tried to bear in mind where the light will fall onto the bridge and where not. The parts in the shadows I painted much darker then the parts hit by the light. I did this wet in wet directly on the piece; just dilute your paint a bit and prewet your brush. Then pull the paints together and mix them diretly on the working piece. For the shadows I also used some vallejo dark sea blue.

I ended up with this. I decided that this is a good basecoat to start from for all the detail work.

Freitag, 6. Juni 2014

How to build a bridge - part 2


ok, after all that goblin stuff it´s time for something different. In the meantime I did some more work on my bridge.

I searched for a base to put it onto and found some picture frame that suits quite good for my purpose. I did support the bridge with some aluminum foil as it was not high enough in my opinion. For the stone structure I used a sculpting tool and carved it into the plaster. So, this is what it looks like at the moment. You can also see what I want to put upon the bridge later on….