Donnerstag, 1. August 2013

How to paint an orcish armour ?!?


My last blogpost is ages ago. So it´s time to give a livesign to the outer world....

During my work on the "death from above" diorama I did some experiments on how to paint an orcish armour. Painting metal parts on a figure is allways a pain for me. It just does not work, the result in the end is poor most of the times. So I try to improve here. Progress comes, as allways, slowly but steadily. So this is were I ended up this time:

First: one needs a miniature. Finished apart from the armour:

Second: apply some metalic paint. In this case I´ve chosen Mithril Silver from GW. Strategy was to paint from bright to dark...

Third: Take some black and dilute it heavily with water (~1:5). Apply it on the brush, take a towel to wipe off most of the paint. Apply it from bright to dark with the side of your brush. Let it dry and repeat the process.

Fourth: Do it again and again and again... allways leaving out a small part of the armour working your way down to the shadows.... until your happy with the result..

Am I happy? I don´t know. Maybe I did it too fast, but the result is better then the last time.... Any suggestions anybody?
Maybe for some of you this is somehow helpful.

By the way this is the orc captain for the diorama. So I make progress. I also did a huge part of the eagle which I will show the next time.


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