Dienstag, 30. April 2013

Death from above


Here a preview picture of a bigger project I´m working on. A diorama scene that is in my mind scince I saw the Hobbit movie...


Somehow it is relatet to the Ettenmoors orcs. I paint them to test and practice some techniques like how to paint leather clothes, rough fabric, metal and dark orc skins and how to make them look old and shabby.

See you


  1. Hi,

    are you still working on this? Looks incredible-but I was wondering as it seems you have recycled the miniatures for your army project!?

  2. Hi,

    yes I do. This is my main project at the moment. I used the orcs I painted for the army project as testminiatures to practice some techniques I want to apply on the diorama orcs. Regarding to the recycling aspect: Some of them I want to base in a way I can use them for both, the army and the diorama. If this fails... I have a whole bunch of this old tin orcs...