Freitag, 11. Mai 2012

A new beginning....

A new beginning....

This is another try to revive my somehow ill-fated attempts of running a blog regarding my hobby. The last times I struggled with time, motivation and design issues. Putting aside all this I now try to build up the blog from scratch as time goes by rather then coming up with a ready design concept (witch will never work out for me it seems...). So what are the future plans?
I decided trying to post in english to maybe address more readers. Otherwise there are no big plans except the one to get this running on a constant cycle.

As a new start here are a few pictures of my current project:

 Some Wose warriors from the Lord of the Rings (GW) Tabletop for a friend of mine. I´m planning to finish 10 of them until end of may so they can be used at a little tournament in June. Bases have still to be finished.

Hope to do my next posting in the not so far future. Stay tuned....


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