Freitag, 20. Juli 2012

LotR Tournament and First Private Practice at Massive Voodoo

Long time no hear...

... but still alive and still eager to get this blog running. Despite the silence of the last weeks a lot happened. Let me tell you in a short few sentences.

The Lord of the Rings Tabletop tournament at "Schloss Walbeck" for which I painted the wose for my mate Philipp took place. Surprinsingly I made the 3rd place although we played wiht the new rules and I wasn´t really well prepared for it. It seems as if my old tricks still work quite good.... Philipp lead his army supported by the wose I painted to the second place. Well done!

Next thing that happened was my private practice with Roman (Jarhead from massive voodoo). This was my overwhelming birthday present from my sweet one.

Sonntag, 20. Mai 2012



Some time passed by and I really feared that (again) the first post was also my last... but, here I´m back again. And I have some new pics of the Wose project.

Time was short and so I tried a for me new attempt of painting. I did the basic work with an airbrush and I´m somehow thrilled how goog this worked for me. So I finished it in time and can proudly present some fotos... less talk, more pictures... here we go:

Freitag, 11. Mai 2012

A new beginning....

A new beginning....

This is another try to revive my somehow ill-fated attempts of running a blog regarding my hobby. The last times I struggled with time, motivation and design issues. Putting aside all this I now try to build up the blog from scratch as time goes by rather then coming up with a ready design concept (witch will never work out for me it seems...). So what are the future plans?
I decided trying to post in english to maybe address more readers. Otherwise there are no big plans except the one to get this running on a constant cycle.